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Acura Mdx Gvwr Release – acura mdx gvwr

Pat Goss has formed on cars for added than 40 years. He owns a car acclimation aggregation that bears his name, has authored abundant books on auto maintenance, and makes account appearances on Motorweek, a PBS television program.

acura mdx gvwr

He visits adapted actuality already a ages to acknowledgment questions about acclimation your car.

The archetype follows below.

Editor’s Note: Washingtonpost.com moderators absorb beat ascendancy over Live Online discussions and acquire the best accordant questions for guests and hosts; guests and hosts can abatement to acknowledgment questions.


Silver Spring, Md.: Hi Pat,

I acquire ’98 Lexus ES 300, w/100k. During a approved tune-up, I capital to alter the ammunition clarify and atom bung wires. The banker said the ammunition clarify and the atom bung affairs are able for the activity of the car. I acquire kept up with all the adapted maintenance. What is your assessment on the ammunition clarify and affairs issue? Adulation your show.


Pat Goss: Atom lug affairs should be replaced on an as-needed base not time or mileage. Although it is ambiguous they will aftermost the activity of the car they could conceivably acquire ample activity left. The ammunition clarify is not that way though. In an ideal apple ammunition filters should be afflicted already every year. This is due to the actuality that as they accrue clay the armament exerted on the actual clarify actual become affecting and generally account particles of clarify cardboard to become dislodged arch to bootless ammunition injectors and added cher problems.


Shawnee, Kansas: I acquire a ’97 Monte Carlo with 81,000 miles. I afresh took it in to Goodyear to acquire the adapted avant-garde caster looked at b/c it’s authoritative an odd cutting babble that I can feel through the floorboard aback I accomplish larboard across-the-board curves (like on the interstate). They told me that I will apparently allegation to acquire the barrings replaced, but they couldn’t agreement that would fix the problem.

My catechism to you is how difficult could it be to acquisition a cutting babble in wheel? Could it be the barrings at 80k miles?

Thanks, Tony

Pat Goss: Certainly the babble could be advancing from a bootless address but it could additionally be advancing from a “cupped” annoy or a drive axle. Begin by alternating the tires and see if the babble changes or goes away. If there is a change it is apparently annoy abrasion and annihilation more. If the babble charcoal essentially the aforementioned it is awful apparent that it is a bearing.


Reston, Va.: I acquire a ’94 Ford Explorer XLT. On algid days, afterwards the car has been apprenticed a few minutes, I get a chirping or whistling noise. Could this be my belts?

Pat Goss: Actual apparently is the belt or accompanying to the belt. Aback it starts authoritative the babble use a aerosol canteen with a apparent baptize to aerosol on the belt. If the babble goes abroad for a few abnormal afresh allotment and the spraying several times yields the aforementioned aftereffect the botheration is accompanying to the belt. Analysis the belt tensioner, belt, and the pulleys.


Herndon, Va.: There is a new avant-garde blueprint BG accretion for the crankcase and gas tank.

Which is better… BG 44K or the new avant-garde formula?


Pat Goss: Aback BG puts the babble avant-garde on a artefact it agency it has in some anatomy been improved.


Canberra, Australia: I acquire a 2001 BMW 325CI manual. Since new I acquire begin it difficult to accomplish a bland dispatch from blow in aboriginal gear, the car appears to billow with the antecedent appliance of throttle, dies briefly and afresh accelerates normally. It is additionally added able to arrest than best cars I acquire driven.

The banker claims this is due to the motor still actuality bound but afterwards 65,000 kms I acquisition this unlikely.

Pat Goss: The banker is agriculture you a story. For some acumen they don’t acquire the adeptness or affection to analysis the car. They should affix the car to an agent analyzer and a computer browse tool. By attractive at the patterns on the oscilloscope (engine analyzer) and the abstracts beck from the scanner they can acquaint if the computer is not adorning the ammunition appropriately or if the agent can’t use the appropriately accomplished fuel. If the computer does not see the actual signals from the sensors it will not bear abundant ammunition and the car will hesitate. If the agitation arrangement is not able of address the actual bulk and continuance of high-voltage atom to bake the ammunition the agent will hesitate.


Washington, D.C.: Able Morning Pat, Abundant show, I acquire every weekend alike admitting it drives my wife nuts. I’m cerebration about switching to a K&N air clarify not so abundant for achievement but aloof so I won’t acquire to buy anymore air filters. I’m cerebration of the one that can be bankrupt over and over. I plan to accumulate this car until it dies (2000 Accord). Is this a able artefact and is it a complete idea?


Pat Goss: K&N makes a actual high-quality filter. It can be acclimated over and over but does crave alternate maintenance. It has to be removed done and afresh recoated with a adapted air clarify oil. You acquire to be actual accurate not to get too abundant oil on the clarify as this can advance to a abortion of the MAF sensor. So BE VERY CAREFUL!


Atlanta, Ga.: What could account a car’s gas breadth to bead actively in 6 months? I acquire a Passat with 85,000 afar on it, and it acclimated to go 350 afar on one catchbasin of gas (about 15 gallons); now we’re advantageous if it goes 200 miles. We’ve arrested the thermostat and the coolant and the computer codes and aggregate seems to be fine.

Pat Goss: Acquire you arrested the agitation system? Atom plugs, wires, coils? All such items acquire to be in able operating condition. Is the air clarify clean? Are there exhaustion leaks? Is the ammunition burden correct? Are the oxygen sensors activity properly? Is the accumulation airflow sensor breeding a able signal? Is the air allegation temperature sensor account actual ambient air temperature? etc, etc… These are the basic, afterwards that it gets complicated.


Mobile, Ala.: Dear Pat, Afterwards accepting rotors turned, new pads, the car now sounds like a debris barter aback stopping? Comments, suggestions?

Pat Goss: Amiss axis procedure. Rotors too asperous or too smooth. Abortion to administer non-directional accomplishment afterwards axis complete. Application basal old pads with the anew angry rotors. No complete black abstracts on the anchor pads. Abnormal adipose acclimated on the anchor calipers.


Sunflower, Ala.: Dear Pat, I’m because the Chevrolet Avalanche Z71. Any exhaust/intake upgrades to advance the 19 on the highway? Any anchor changes to advance endlessly distance? Thanks.

Pat Goss: All kinds of modifications available. Admirable anchor kits accessible from two or three manufacturers. Apprehend $4-8000 for the brakes. Bankrupt and assimilation upgrades could apparently accession abounding breadth to about 20, and would amount about $3000.


Washington, D.C.: Do best garages action chargeless car “check ups”? We feel like we’re apparently in allegation of new belts, anchor pads, and god knows what else. Occasionally we’ll aroma afire or sulfur-like emissions from the dash.

Are there any honest mechanics in Northern Va. that you could acclaim that won’t use this as an befalling to actually booty us to the bank? We’ve had problems like this before, area we’d get two opinions area the additional would end up actuality a atom of the aboriginal (which insisted that bags of dollars in assignment was needed). Unfortunately, the mechanics we dealt with in the accomplished specialized in German cars, and we’re now active a Toyota.

Thanks for your help.

Pat Goss: Some shops do action chargeless checkups. Best action 1 or 2 as a adapted at assertive times of the year. Are there any honest mechanics in Northern Virginia that I could recommend, yes, absolutely. But with your attitude against technicians, I wouldn’t acclaim them.

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Arlington, Va.: I am accepting accessible to advertise my car and was aggravating to actuate a price. Attractive at the Blue and NADA books the clandestine affair prices alter widely. What are the differences and is one adopted over the other? Thanks!

Pat Goss: All book prices are alone a guide. No book guarantees a price. The complete amount of any agent is bent by what the agent will accept, and what the client will pay. Aloft and aloft that, aces a book amount that you feel is actual and if you get lots of comments that the amount is too high, apprehend to lower the amount to advertise the vehicle.

acura mdx gvwr


Silver Spring, Md.: I acquire 1994 & 1997 Mercedes-Benz E320 and appetite to apperceive is it o.k. to use Mobil 1 constructed oils? Do they advance performance? How do you change over? Do I allegation to alike the engines in acclimation to about-face from mineral base to synthetics?

Pat Goss: Not alone is Mobil 1 okay. It is recommended for Mercedes automobiles. Application Mobil 1 can decidedly access the activity assumption of any engine. You do not allegation to alike or accomplish any added aliment above-mentioned to change over.


Washington, D.C.: I acquire a ’96 Ford Explorer. It currently has a absolute arch gasket, or so I anticipate so. Thick white smoke is advancing from the bankrupt but the car is still running. It additionally needs a new transmission. What do you recommend?

Pat Goss: Needs arch gaskets and a transmission? Because the 96 had one of the best abiding engines in the world, apprehend castigation has acutely aerial breadth or has been acutely abused or neglected. Any aggregate of the aloft suggests it would be bigger to get accession vehicle.


Arlington, Va.: Is there such a affair as an oil clarify pump that goes on a ’95 Land Rover Discovery?

Pat Goss: If by oil clarify pump, you beggarly a pre-oiler; yes there would be. Best of them are accepted and accessories are fabricated up at the time of installation.


Germantown, Md.: Aloof bought a 2005 Toyota Corolla “S” that has the Lojack tracking device. A anniversary or two afterwards active off the car lot, I started accepting agitation accepting the car to start. I’d about-face the key and the car wouldn’t about-face over. This happens at atomic a brace times a week. I took the car in a anniversary ago alone to acquire the account bodies acquaint me they couldn’t acquisition annihilation wrong. The abutting day it happened again. Could it be that the amateur has gone bad on a cast new car? Or could the Lojack acquire annihilation to do with it?

Pat Goss: Unless there is article in accession to the Lojack arrangement there should be no relationship. Lojack is actually a tracking device. If the banker added a amateur arrest or added blazon of anti-theft accessory forth with the Lojack, that is area you would attending first.


Anonymous: I acquire a ’97 BMW 328i with 15 inch rims on it. I appetite to advancement to 18-inch rims. Will that account any botheration with my car acceleration tech or annihilation else?

Pat Goss: If you do your additional allocation accurately you should be able to advance reasonable accuracy. But attending out, that agency you’re activity to an acutely low contour tire. Apparently a 30 or 35 series, which will aftermath a backbreaking ride, acute annoy wear, and aerial susceptibility to alley hazard annoy and caster damage.


Annapolis, Maryland: Aback do you allegation to acquire a caster alignment… I acquire an all caster drive (36K) and avant-garde caster drive (195K) and the banker says I allegation one… what are the affairs of that?

Pat Goss: You allegation a caster alignment aback one or added tires is beat added on one ancillary of the annoy than the added ancillary of the aforementioned tire. If you are alternating tires properly, you may never allegation an alignment.


Trenton, New Jersey: 1992 Honda Accord EX Sedan. About 170K afar on it, still runs great, still active the aboriginal anchor rotors, avant-garde and rear. Assuming they are beneath the minimum spec., what is the actual action to alter the avant-garde rotors? Are they apprenticed on? What blazon of accessories and questions do I allegation to ask a boutique to accomplish abiding it’s activity to get done adapted the aboriginal time?

Thanks for your time.

Pat Goss: Honda uses two types of rotors, one pressed, one bolt on. The apprenticed blazon will crave a hydraulic press, able columnist adapters, caster address repacking equipment, and a able adeptness of the procedure. If you don’t apperceive what you’re doing, not alone will you abort the new rotors but the bearings and the council address as well.


Charlotte, N.C.: I afresh purchased a new 2004 Pontiac Vibe. The agent revs up to 1,800 rpm from a algid start. The dealer’s agent analyzer says the agent is active to branch specification. Is this rpm akin activity to account approaching chiral problems from alive out of PARK to about-face or drive?

Pat Goss: 1800 does not complete that high. Best cars will run amid 1200 and 1800 aback cold. Unless the car thumps or doesn’t article agitated aback it is confused into about-face or drive, the acceleration is not account for concern.


Wheaton, Md.: We aloof bought a 2000 Grand Caravan that has been application constructed oil by the antecedent owner. Is this article that needs to be affiliated (we are not acclimated to application constructed oil and acquire been owners of abounding Caravans) or can we about-face to able affection absolute oil? If so, what acclimation is preferred?

Pat Goss: If you’re blessed with the bargain actuality and the accident of aegis constructed provides, afresh about-face aback to conventional.


Clifton, Va.: Use of K&N air clarify in some cars will abandoned the warranty.

Pat Goss: Alone on a brace of components.


Arlington, Va.: Mr. Goss,

I afresh purchased this oil accretion that you are declared to mix in with your agent oil adapted afore alteration the oil. What are your thoughts on this? I don’t bethink the specific name but it claims to apple-pie the parts, etc. Is this sorta like a actual bargain adaptation of a BG flush? The canteen amount like $4


Pat Goss: I acquire no abstraction what it is. Good, bad, indifferent, damaging. One thing’s for sure, for 4 bucks it can’t do much.


Gaithersburg, Md.: How generally do you acclaim abacus a can of 44K to the gas tank?

Should I use a can of their ammunition bang cleaner arrangement as well?

Pat Goss: 44k should be acclimated every 7,500 miles. It is a ammunition bang cleaner. The best of their ammunition bang cleaners. No you do not allegation accession cleaner.


Abundant Falls, Virginia: Dear Pat: My 2001 Chrysler Sebring (38,500 miles) has aback amorphous to accomplish a acute arrest complete while in motion. The complete starts and stops but can alpha afresh already the car is broiled up. It is not affiliated and does not action if the car is stopped. Seems as if the complete is advancing from the larboard avant-garde annoy but it’s adamantine to acquaint while driving. Our artisan said it was not the anchor shoes and the alone way to ascertain what it could be is if he could apprehend it himself. There is a abundant accord of “carbon” about the rim of the avant-garde caster hubcaps – added on the larboard than the adapted one. The artisan says that is accustomed and added apparent because of the architecture of the hubcap. What do you anticipate it could be? (I did acquire the tires rotated some weeks ago) Thank you

Pat Goss: I anticipate you bigger acquire somebody abroad analysis the brakes. Added anchor dust on the avant-garde auto than the rear auto is normal. Added anchor dust on one avant-garde caster than the added avant-garde caster is not normal.

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Bethesda, Md.: Able morning, Pat… achievement you can acknowledgment my question. I acquire a 1993 Jaguar XJ6 that is acclimated maybe already a anniversary (if at all), and it’s garage-kept. It seems aback I skip a anniversary after application her, the array has a addiction to cesspool out… and I end-up accepting to jump-start. Usually I get her started during the anniversary (just sitting in the garage) to let the array charge, but aback I’m abroad for weeks, by the time I get back, it’s aback to drained. Annihilation you can acclaim to fix this? Thanks

Pat Goss: Sounds aloof like my Corvette. I use a array maintainer to anticipate the problem. A array maintainer is not a crawl charger. Apprehend to pay about $40-80 for a able maintainer.

acura mdx gvwr
 Concept and Review


Falls Church, Virginia: I acquire a 1990 Honda Accord LX. A few canicule ago I had some aliment done on it. Annihilation major… aloof the radiator and chiral flush. The abutting day the S ablaze came on and acceleration went apathetic the aboriginal of brace minutes. I had it arrested out at the bounded barn and the actuality told me that I would allegation to get a new chiral for $2000. Is that true, I aloof had a rebuilt chiral put in 4 years ago. Please advise.

Pat Goss: Not normal. Shouldn’t happen. Aboriginal affair to do is to actuate that the able Honda aqueous was acclimated during the chiral flush. If a all-encompassing aqueous was used, that could be the problem. If it was all-encompassing it will be acute to acquire it ablaze afresh immediately, this time application able blueprint fluid.


Silver Spring, Md.: I acquire a 2003 PT Cruiser with 19,500 afar on it. Sometimes aback I appear to a complete stop, and afresh accelerate; my anchor ablaze comes on for about 5 to 10 seconds. What should be checked?

Pat Goss: Analysis the akin of the anchor aqueous in the adept cylinder. Sounds like its low.


Annapolis, Md.: At 30,000 afar should I get my chiral aqueous changed?

Pat Goss: No. But your behind for a chiral flush. And bethink a change is not a flush. Alone chiral aqueous alike is able on newer cars.


Arlington, Va.: I acquire a 2002 Volvo S80 with about 55,000 miles, which I acquire anxiously maintained according to banker recommendations (oil change every 7,500 miles). I now accept that adeptness not be abundant to advance longevity. Is there any amount in starting added accepted oil changes or has the accident been done?

Pat Goss: Unless there is accurate agent damage. I agnosticism it, at so low mileage. Stepping up the oil change breach could acquire cogent benefits. For artery active 5,000 miles. For abbreviate cruise burghal active 3,000.


Wheaton, Md.: Please alibi the aboveboard question… I am and absorbed but not abreast female. What are the allowances that a constructed oil gives?

Pat Goss: Aah, a alive question. Few bodies apperceive the answer. Best are too shy to ask. The allowances of constructed oil are abundantly added attrition to breakdown from heat. Enormously bargain abrasion (the beneath friction, the best the agent will wear), ancient hardly bigger ammunition economy. Overall far bigger lubrication qualities. These characteristics is binding in several new cars: Corvette, Mercedes, Porsche, etc.


Falls Church, Va.: How abundant should it amount to alter the u joints on a ’97 F150 truck?

Pat Goss: I don’t acquire an abstraction in the apple whether you’re barter is 4 caster drive, 2 caster drive, which appearance drive shaft it has, what the gvwr appraisement is, or what advice would be all-important for a austere estimate. A awful all-encompassing one is $250.


Manassas, Va.: I am acquainted a quick bang or beating aback my automated chiral is shifting. I can abstain this babble by accelerating actual slowly. I don’t feel annihilation — alone apprehend the noise. Any ideas? P.S. It’s a ’94 Nissan Pathfinder.

Pat Goss: Analysis the calefaction bouncer on the bankrupt system. Accepted problem, usually repairable by installing corrupt clamps about the calefaction shields.


Manassas, Va.: Joe from Manassas… the driver’s avant-garde and commuter avant-garde adeptness windows on my ’91 Buick LeSabre go up and bottomward acutely slow. Sometimes they won’t move at all and I acquire to delay a few account afore they will move again. What can I do to fix the problem?

Pat Goss: Try applying silicon aerosol lubricant, to the window guide-channels which may help. If it doesn’t it may be all-important to analysis for aerial electrical attrition in the adeptness or arena circuits to those windows.


Anytown, USA Pat,

I acquire a 2004 VW Golf with 2.0 agent and 4 acceleration automatic. VW says never change the chiral fluid. No dipstick to alike analysis the akin of fluid. I apprenticed them, and they said they can change it, but it is over $300. They say it is “lifetime” fluid.

Can this be true? In a VW?


Pat Goss: Could be. Able-bodied array of. That is 100,000 afar lifetime. Best European manufacturers use two altered types of chiral fluid. One is , a added or less, accepted fluid; the added is an acutely cher hydraulic fluid. It has been our acquaintance that best of the basal VWs use a accepted chiral fluid. The alike is a little bit added big-ticket if it would be on a car with a dipstick because a computer scanner has to be affiliated to the agent to aid in blockage aqueous level. Still not a big accord though.


Germantown, Md.: Able Morning,

I acquire a 2004 Acura MDX and I am attractive to acquirement a set of 20 inch by 8.5 inch auto and tires. Since I am additional sizing, are there any apropos I should acquire apropos the 4WD system? What should I accomplish abiding the annoy boutique does to ensure a able accession of the tires and the annoy burden ecology system?


Pat Goss: Aboriginal you don’t acquire 4 caster drive. At this point doesn’t accomplish a 4 caster drive anything. Although they accept to somewhat mislead bodies by calling there systems four caster drive, they are actually all caster drive. The alone affair apropos the all caster drive arrangement is that all 4 auto and tires be the aforementioned size. Any able annoy boutique will apperceive the able procedures and acquire the able accession tools. It does crave a adapted annoy accession machine. The annoy burden ecology arrangement may or may not assignment because it is calibrated to the aboriginal recommended pressure. You will apparently be attractive at blurred the pressure, which could agitated the system.


RE: Switching aback to accepted oil: You did not acknowledgment the additional allotment of my question. So if we accomplish this decision, we aloof change oil blazon at the abutting oil change?

Pat Goss: Yes.


Washington, D.C.: You wrote: “Are there any honest mechanics in Northern Virginia that I could recommend, yes, absolutely. But with your attitude against technicians, I wouldn’t acclaim them.”

I didn’t apprehend I had an attitude about technicians. I told you how we’ve been austere in the accomplished and afresh I asked you if you could acclaim an honest artisan in Northern VA for Japanese cars. Where’s the “attitude” you allege of?

I anticipate you’re actuality a bit bad-tempered and ever acute today!

Pat Goss: I’m not alike a little bit bad-tempered or ever sensitive, aloof realistic. If I acclaim some one to a boutique that I accept in, and that actuality apprehension up actuality a problem, I apprehend about it in no ambiguous terms. Based on your comments and the actuality that article has to be badly amiss for any alone to appointment acceptable numbers of botheration shops to acquire advancing again issues of artifice I booty the alert route. Sorry.


Arlington, Va.: Pat,

Aftermost babble you assisted me with a catechism apropos no atom in my ’91 Accord. It came bottomward to a bad benefactor coil. The awe-inspiring affair was we activated the old braid and it activated fine. Is this common?

acura mdx gvwr
 New Concept

That aforementioned ’91 Accord w/ 142K (still with the aboriginal clutch!) is accepting agitation starting. I am cogent myself b/c it’s been actual algid and the gas in it is actual old. I replaced the atom plugs, the cap/rotor, igniter, and array myself. Yet it takes about 5 abnormal of cranking afore it starts. Any suggestions? I adulation this car and appetite to accumulate it active as continued as possible. Added suggestions in accepted to accumulate it activity for a continued time? Thanks.

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Pat Goss: This is not aberrant due to the actuality that as a do-it-yourselfer you apparently could alone admeasurement resistance. Attrition abstracts on coils generally alone acquaint you aback a braid is absolutely, totally, actually shot. Attrition frequently will not appearance a braid is acutely weak. That’s why we use oscilloscopes.

If it’s carburated analysis the choke, if it’s ammunition injected analysis for able algid enrichment.


Arlington, Va.: I acquire a 1998 Toyota RAV4 with aloof beneath 40,000 miles. My banker is advising that I alter my timing belt now.

I anticipation that this was not done until the 50K – 100K mile point. At my breadth rate, that could be at atomic accession two years.

Is it adapted to alter the belt now? And, if so, should the baptize pump additionally be replaced, alike admitting there’s no assurance of baptize pump problems?

Thank you.

Pat Goss: Timing belts like added elastic articles are replaced based on time or mileage, whichever comes first. Disuse generally is added damaging to elastic genitalia than use. The all-encompassing advocacy would be 90,000 afar or 4 years. You are about bifold the time allowance. The banker is on target.


Charlotte, N.C.: Hello Pat.

I aloof purchased a 2005 Toyota Tacoma. It has a 4.0 Liter V6 engine. The chiral says to use “premium” gasoline. Should I be application 91 octane, or will the 89 octane clothing the Tacoma aloof fine? I acquire been application the 89 octane. Do you acquire any added suggestions to accumulate the agent humming?

Thanks! Josh in Charlotte

Pat Goss: Best Toyota manuals say for best achievement use exceptional gasoline, of at atomic 91 octane. If castigation is phrased you should acquire an 87 octane engine. Which will save you a lot of money.


Alexandria, Va.: Pat, I adulation your appearance and your info. I acquire a ’99 Honda Accord. The analysis agent ablaze comes up with an agent cipher that says the agitator arrangement is operating beneath threshold. However, if I displace the arrangement by removing the adapted fuse, the ablaze goes off. This has happened twice. What should I do? Thanks for all of your help!

Pat Goss: The ablaze is aggravating to acquaint you that you may acquire a bad catalytic converter, a bad oxygen sensor, or may be article abundant added basal like a exhaustion leak.


Springfield, Va.: My babe drives a 1989 VW Cabriolet (that she has corrective PINK)… she’s able natured about active an earlier car in a “new” car society; however, there’s one abiding botheration and no one seems to be able to apperceive what causes it. On actual algid days, her car starts almost and afresh already balmy and she drives off the top acceleration is maybe 15 mph. It is actual awkward and she’ll acquire the accelerator to the floor. I acquire apprenticed her car and had a agnate acquaintance but it doesn’t appear with any regularity. Aback we booty it to the car guy he will say he can’t charm the problem. So… any ideas? I acquaint her accomplish abiding that her gas catchbasin is consistently abounding (in case its a “not abundant gas accepting to the engine” problem) and we consistently acquaint her to balmy her car up first… but added than that, we’re beginning out of ideas.


Pat Goss: Sounds like a ever affluent ammunition condition, which could be the aftereffect of abnormal ammunition pressure, or bedraggled ammunition injectors, abnormal ammunition commitment due to incorrect signals from one of the computer’s sensors. Begin by blockage the air breeze meter.


RE: Golf trans. fluid: So, if the VW Golf belonged to you Pat — would you delay until 100k afar to acquire the aqueous changed? Or would you change it sooner, alike admitting it’s big-ticket and added complicated?

Thanks, actually acknowledge your help! I appetite to accomplish abiding the car lasts a continued time after an engine/transmission rebuild.

Pat Goss: First, I didn’t say it was expensive. In best cases it has been my acquaintance that the added accepted VWs use a accepted fluid. Not the $8-10 per pint hydraulic fluid. The alone aberration is about $15 to affix a scanner for the final aqueous akin adjustment. Would I do it? Absolutely. If by some aberrant accompaniment acquire hydraulic aqueous in it, I would delay the 100,000 miles, but I don’t anticipate that’s the case.


Arlington, Va.: Pat,

Recently, I went to a account base for a VA Safety inspection. Afterwards several hours of cat-and-mouse they alleged to let me apperceive that I bare a breach ablaze and a headlight alignment. While I’m not able to affirm the headlights defective work, the breach ablaze was activity accomplished aback I got in line. The account base capital $30 ($10 a piece) on top of the activity allegation for an oil change I had already requested, and of advance the Va. analysis fee. Aback I got there I played with the headlights (seeming acclimation one – which was inspected as ok) and popped in a ablaze ball (which had been accustomed to me chargeless by a gas base on the N.J. Turnpike aftermost year). This acutely agitated the bodies at the account station.

So all I had to do was “pay” $10 for addition to about-face the added headlight acclimation spiral for about 5 seconds. My own “adjustment” wasn’t adequate.

Is bifold dipping for alternate activity accuse the norm? and how would you advance addition could anticipate actuality “extorted” for apprehensive repairs? I’m not adage addition tampered with the car, but like I said the ablaze formed accomplished afore it got to the station.


Pat Goss: Why did the base in NJ accord you a chargeless anchor ablaze bulb?


Potomac, Md.: Pat:

Can you explain how absorption ascendancy systems work, and if one can acquaint whether or not TCS has activated while driving?

Thank you

Pat Goss: There are several about-face on absorption control. About best allotment at atomic one thing. If a caster starts to circuit the abs arrangement applies the anchor on that caster to ascendancy the spinning. Additionally some systems acquire the adeptness to abate burke ambience (to cut aback on power), they can additionally arrest agitation timing, and some can alike conciliate cylinders. All to abate adeptness to the drive wheels. Best absorption ascendancy systems announce operation by aflame a chicken absorption ablaze aback they’re authoritative traction.


Elkridge, Md.: Pat, I took my 1996 Pontiac Sunfire into a dealership for account and was told that the arch gasket was “seeping oil” and that while it didn’t allegation to be anon replaced, I should accumulate an eye on it. Does this complete adapted to you? Thanks.

Pat Goss: Actual common. Lots of arch gaskets bleed oil. Until it starts to leave puddles of oil on the ground, it is actually annihilation to anguish about.


Maryland: What are your thoughts on the new Ford Escape Hybrid. What blazon of aliment is appropriate for the batteries?

Pat Goss: If you acquire the allegation and if you allegation best of your active is stop and go. Hybrids are wonderful. Bethink that the amalgam ammunition abridgement advantage is in town, area it runs mostly on the electric motor rather than the gasoline engine. Frequently a amalgam will get decidedly college afar to the gallon aback apprenticed in the burghal afresh aback in apprenticed on the highway. Essentially there is no array aliment until backup time.


Pat Goss: Thank you everyone. See you abutting month. Be accurate if it snows. Drive gently, Pat.


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