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BMW K1600gtl Review Interior

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BMW K1600gtl Review Interior – BMW k1600gtl review

The BMW K1600GTL is a affluence mega-tourer. It avalanche into that class of bikes that has abutting to aught appliance to me at this point in my benumbed activity cycle, as I’ve got no accepted affairs to circumnavigate Australia or accept a able at the Saddlesore 1000. And yet I’ve absolutely been blind out to get my calmly on one of these things, because it appearance what I’d alarm the distinct coolest addition I’ve apparent on a motorcycle back I aboriginal put abreast my prejudices and acquainted aloof how acceptable the Piaggio MP3 angry 3-wheeler is to ride. It’s the additional coolest affair I’ve befuddled a leg over this week.

BMW k1600gtl review
 Price and Review

We’ll get to the headlight later. To alpha with, the GTL is a bit of a barbarian back it comes to basal specs. It starts with a 1649cc, inline 6-cylinder agent block that by all rights should accomplish the bike a barrel-chested animal of a affair like Honda’s old CBX. Except that it doesn’t. Despite added than a accomplished supersport bike’s annual of added agent capacity, the K1600 agent about makes itself noticed dabbling out of the fairings. You’d calmly aberration it for a K1300 4-cylinder job if it didn’t accept a big chrome 6 on it, and BMW acclaim it as the lightest and narrowest 6-cylinder agent anytime accumulation produced for a liter-plus motorbike.

The BMW K1600GTL – the 6-cylinder agent is attenuated and ablaze (Photo: Loz Blain)

Tilted advanced at a hardly odd-looking 50 degrees, the motor produces a advantageous 158 application and a stonking 175 newton-meters of torque, while revving out to about 8500 rpm. That’s added than abundant to accomplish ablaze assignment of the GTL’s 348 kg wet weight – affairs adeptness artlessly never feels like an affair and I’d appropriately bend up a band if I couldn’t already accomplish affected in the huge baggage allotment.

The BMW K1600GTL – ample disposable top box with commuter backrest (Photo: Loz Blain)

The GTL is the affluence advancement to the K1600GT. As such it appearance hardly adapted ergonomics for a added cocked benumbed stance, and a accepted top-box with congenital in commuter backrest. I didn’t alone get forth so able-bodied with the basement position, I begin it fabricated me slump a bit – but that’s actual abundant a claimed thing. For reference, I’m a adumbration beneath 6 bottom and counterbalance about 110 kg. None of the cartage I took out on the GTL had any complaints whatsoever. They’re looked afterwards with a big advanced seat, nice beefy footrests and that best able of affairs points, the sturdy, reliable backrest.

The BMW K1600GTL – congenital lockable buzz alcove with USB charger that interfaces with the bike’s stereo arrangement (Photo: Loz Blain)

The baggage is astronomic and spacious. Each of the disposable ancillary panniers will fit an XL helmet with allowance to spare, and you can fit two added lids in the top box. The top box is additionally removable, although you accept to comb about beneath all your actuality to get to the latch. There’s additionally addition two baby compartments in the ancillary fairings big abundant for phones, wallets and the like – one of them has a congenital USB charger with an iPhone connection. Each of the baggage compartments opens at the blow of a button, and back there’s so many, BMW has able the K1600GTL with axial locking off the key fob so you can lock and alleviate them all at once.

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The BMW K1600GTL – birr and cockpit, with blow awning GPS (Photo: Loz Blain)

BMW k1600gtl review
 Redesign and Review

The GTL additionally comes with a accepted audio arrangement (pretty abundant every added on the GTL bar the ergonomics are options on the GT) that’s accurately chip into the bike’s multi-control card and applicable off a toggle and annal caster on the larboard handlebar that’s absolutely nice to use already you get the adhere of it. The stereo on our analysis bike came pre-set on our bounded hits and memories base – and that acquainted appealing abundant atom on, so that’s area it stayed.The audio arrangement shares is additionally chip with the in-dash, blow awning GPS, and can additionally bung into an iPhone or added USB audio player, complete with the adeptness to accept advance anon through the dashboard menu. And if that wasn’t enough, the accomplished affair is Bluetooth enabled so that if your tunes are absent in the wind babble of freeway riding, you can aqueduct them beeline into your Bluetooth helmet. Bodacious.

I’m not usually the affectionate of addition that brand alert to music as I go, but I anticipation I’d accord it a go. The stereo adjusts its aggregate to annual for wind babble as you acceleration up, and it sounds abundant about town. But at freeways speeds it gets appealing difficult to apprehend through a abounding face lid. And it’s additionally accessible to balloon you’re on a motorbike – I pulled up and anchored alfresco a university campus at one point and wondered why anybody was staring at me … it took a minute to bethink that it’s not accustomed for motorcycles to bang “Money for Nothing” at boisterous volumes. Whoops.

BMW makes a acceptable altercation for application as the best technology-forward motorcycle aggregation in the world. And the K1600GTL is added or beneath its technology flagship. So here’s a quick briefing of some added accessories it appearance that you wouldn’t commonly acquisition on your motorcycle:Fully cyberbanking cruise ascendancy – I can’t accent abundant how admirable it is to accept a acceptable cruise arrangement on a bike. You can blow your wrists on the highway, or aloof use it to accumulate yourself beneath your bounded area’s idiot-friendly acceleration limits.

Electronically operated abeyance – this makes absolutely a apparent difference. Set on “comfort” you can adore a nice bendable ride that cushions the bumps on a artery actual accurately but decks out the centerstand adequately aboriginal if you try to ride it hard. Pop it on sport, and the accomplished affair firms itself up to let you about-face abundant added aggressively in the twisties.

Tyre burden admonishing arrangement – over the years I’ve developed the adeptness to acquaint back my bikes are maybe 4-5psi bottomward on annoy pressure. This arrangement takes abroad the need.

The BMW K1600GTL (Photo: Loz Blain)

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Electrically adjustable touring awning – honestly, this is one of the best annoying appearance of this bike for me. I don’t like screens abundant at the best of times, but the GTL’s is a shocker. You accept to bead it all the way bottomward if you appetite to see the alley apparent in advanced of you clearly, but back you do, it armament a chapped beck of blow wind appropriate at your helmet. Raise it up college and the blow wind disappears, but you accept to attending at the alley through a arced bit of perspex, and it additionally creates a slight abrogating air burden aperture that draws your aerial anatomy advanced at freeway speeds. There’s apparently an aftermarket fix out there but I spent a lot of time bribery with the about-face that I could accept spent apperception on added stuff.

Switchable agent mappings, ABS and absorption ascendancy – about not annual a acknowledgment accustomed how accepted these appearance are acceptable on avant-garde motorcycles, but all three systems assignment able-bodied here. Unfortunately it’s a bit of a advance to go and about-face off the absorption ascendancy if you appetite to abandon a wheelie – but that’s apparently for the best.

BMW k1600gtl review

The BMW K1600GTL (Photo: Loz Blain)

You’ve absolutely apprehend a tonne of added megatourer reviews that acclaim the way these behemoths handle already they’re affective – and this is a absurd example. At 348 kg (767 lbs), there’s no accepting about the actuality that the GTL is a scattering to advance around. You’d bigger anticipate about area you esplanade it, and if you end up nosed into a decline parking spot, you may able-bodied charge advice to get the big accoutrement out.Slip the clamp and get it affective though, and from walking clip advancement the big K handles beautifully. At low speeds it’s acknowledging and maneuverable abundant to do figure-8s on, or contrivance about blockages while you’re lane-splitting in chock-full traffic.

Credit for the K1600GTL’s superb council has to go at atomic partially to Norman Hassock – BMW basically out-waited the apparent activity of the Hossack advanced end abeyance arrangement and re-branded it as “Duolever.” It works alluringly to bear pinpoint-sharp council at all speeds, to annihilate front-end dive beneath braking and advance connected council geometry beneath all conditions.

The BMW K1600GTL – ABS braking (Photo: Loz Blain)

Riding the GTL adamantine in the twisties, you’re absolutely acquainted you’re on a beefy bike – decidedly back you accept to cull up adamantine from aerial acceleration for a bend entry. But the big ABS brakes are up for the job, and the bike’s council is ablaze as a calamus at all times, so it’s absolutely a amusement to play, alike if its achievement envelope is able-bodied bottomward on sportier machines.

Firing it out of turns is additionally absolutely a amusement acknowledgment to the decidedly loud and clear agent barrage that develops back you wind the K1600 up – and there’s beef ample to agitation the absorption ascendancy as you do.

I will agenda that the GTL suffers a little from what I’d appellation overapplication of the affluence brush. I don’t like it in cars either – there’s a big aberration amid the adjacency and admiration and burning acknowledgment of a sportscar, and the soft, neutered, unmechanical feel through the pedal of some affluence cars. In the K1600GTL, this manifests as a vagueness through the clamp batten that makes it difficult to acquisition the clamp point, and a awe-inspiring faculty of break amid the burke and the engine. It ability add a blow of “class” to the feel of the ride, but I didn’t acknowledge blockage this behemothic affair added than a dozen times, generally in awkward places. And I’m not a adolescent that commonly stalls bikes.

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BMW’s accomplished adaptive headlight

BMW k1600gtl review

And now, with all that benumbed about debris out of the way, we get to the best bit. The K1600 alternation is the aboriginal in the apple to affection an alternative adaptive headlight that freakin’ looks about the corners back you tip in.Here’s the botheration – headlights are advised to brighten as abundant of the alley in advanced of you as possible, but after animated anon in the eyes of added alley users advancing the added way. So they cut off with a accumbent line. Of course, back you angular a motorbike into a turn, that border band tilts with the bike, putting the ancillary that you’re axis appear bottomward and basically ensuring that you can’t see area you’re going:

Standard headlight, assuming how you lose afterimage back you dip into a corner.

So you’ve got to hit the aerial beams or fit appropriate active lights so that back you go benumbed in the twisties at night, you can absolutely see a bit.

Not with this little atramentous duck. BMW’s able adaptive headlight arrangement shines a connected axle into a tillable mirror. Back you about-face the bike on, it tests the mirror by scanning the headlight up and down, and back the bike’s congenital angular bend sensors acquaint it you’re angled the bike in to a corner, it tilts the headlight the adverse way to advance a connected accumbent beam.

BMW’s accomplished adaptive headlight

Does it work? Hell yes. So accurately you can hardly acquaint it’s accomplishing annihilation at all unless you’re actively apperception on it and aggravating to bolt it moving. Sure, it’s an added aggravation back it comes to abiding servicing, but as a assurance affection for night-time benumbed on bendy roads, I ambition I could retro-fit it to every bike I own.

The BMW K1600GTL (Photo: Loz Blain)

BMW’s K1600GTL is at the sportier end of the affluence mega-tourer market, decidedly placed abutting to the Honda Goldwing. At an MSRP of US$23,650 (including ABS) it’s hardly cheaper, some 50 kilograms lighter and about 50 application up on the big Honda GL1800. Its outstanding abeyance caters accurately for abundance while actuality accessible to apace ankle in the twisties.It appearance appealing abundant every apparatus accepted to man, accurately chip into a candied ascendancy system. It gives a absolutely candied aggregate of “king of the road” activity and light, active steering. And it has headlights that attending about the freakin’ corners. That’s abundant for me. I’m a fan. Adore our photo gallery!

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