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2020 Volvo V60 Ground Clearance Price And Release Date

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2020 Volvo V60 Ground Clearance Price And Release Date – 2020 volvo v60 ground clearance

The sedanapocalypse, it charge be acknowledged, is aloft us. We’re all accepting aggrandized crossovers and SUVs because they are “just as good” and yet accept “all-wheel drive” and “extra arena clearance.” But while crossovers accept added advantages for some buyers than a lot of enthusiasts would like to admit, we don’t all charge to go bottomward that path. We accept choices. And the 2020 Volvo V60 Cantankerous Country is proof.

2020 volvo v60 ground clearance
 Price and Release date

Don’t get me wrong, the V60 Cantankerous Country is still actual abundant a “crossover,” in a address of speaking. There’s a approved Volvo V60 wagon, and Volvo has taken it, jacked it up, added some off-road bits, and put it on sale. If that’s not a crossover by definition, afresh I don’t apperceive what is. But there’s a accomplished altered aesthetics complex aback you alpha with a crossover from the actual beginning, or acclimate an already-existing wagon.

And the V60 CC proves that adapting the wagon is better. But I’ll get to that.

(Full Disclosure: Volvo capital us to drive the 2020 Volvo V60 Cantankerous Country so bad that it flew me, business class, to Luleå, Sweden, abreast the Arctic Circle, to drive it. That sounds actual nice and adorned until you accede that they took us to a restaurant area a man played bagpipes at us. Yes, AT us. It negated any acceptable will Volvo could accept anytime accept hoped for.)

The Volvo V60 Cantankerous Country is the widely-available adaptation of the aberrant V60 wagon, which is the wagon adaptation of the S60 sedan.

What makes it “Cross Country” is not its average academy cardio workout, but rather its 2.9-inch lift over a accepted V60, forth with a BorgWarner all-wheel-drive system, some chic off-road modes in the software that action things like automated acropolis coast ascendancy and acropolis alpha assist, and some rugged-ish looks.

And this affair will sell. Or it would, were it not for all the full-on Capital-C Crossover SUV that’s about the aforementioned size, the Volvo XC60. It’s additionally not to be abashed with the old Volvo V70XC, which is addition aerial wagon that was already fabricated by Volvo. I know, I know, it ability be ambagious but aloof go with it. And Volvo has absolutely gone with it, because that its been affairs some array of a wagon with a lift and anatomy cladding for over 20 years now.

Volvos accept consistently been for acute people. They were commonly professor’s cars, cars of people…

The aftermost V60 Cantankerous Country was, in hindsight, a bit sad. It came out in 2015, bristles years afterwards the V60 bearing it was based on debuted. That’s a continued time. Continued abundant for it to accept acquainted like the a cantankerous country-fied adaptation was an afterthought, that the alternative wasn’t broiled in.

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And it showed. It looked and acquainted aloof like a aerial adaptation of a car that wasn’t absolutely anytime declared to accept a aerial version. It had AWD, sure, but it was array of a comatose system. If you approved to get accidentally anywhere abutting to fun, it would aberration the hell out.

This, though—this one debuted, in about terms, immediately. Volvo’s been planning this bearing of V60 Cantankerous Country appropriate from the beginning. And it shows. For what 99 percent of owners are anytime activity to do, it aloof works.

(The added one percent of owners are the Battlewagoners. I aloof appetite to apperceive that I see you, and I account you.)

2020 volvo v60 ground clearance
 Release Date and Concept

The 2020 Volvo V60 Cantankerous Country is alone accessible with Volvo’s 2.0-liter T5 engine, which admitting accepting a “5” appropriate in the name, alone has four cylinders. Maybe they’re counting the distinct turbocharger as able-bodied to get to five. (The T6 is the twincharged Volvo agent and the T8 is the amalgam one. Both are added powerful.)

That’s still abundant to accord it 250 application and a adorable 260 pound-feet of torque (the torque peaks at 1800 RPM so there’s no credible lag), and which weighs almost 4,100 pounds, depending on options, and the eight-speed automated that’s in acutely every car these days. Volvo claims a aught to 60 time of 6.8 seconds, and I don’t see why that would be wrong.

But it’s got bags of autogenous volume, with Volvo claiming a baggage aggregate “including underfloor storages” of 31.7 cubic feet.

But aback that cardinal is absurd to all but the wonkiest of wonks, here’s how it looks with a agglomeration of cold-weather accessory from me and Car and Driver’s Daniel Golson in it:

That ain’t bisected bad.

Here are the things that are Objectively Great about the Volvo V60 Cantankerous Country:

Seriously. I’m not aloof adage that aftermost part. To accord it a little perspective, here’s what I said aback in 2016 about the previous-generation, reconsideration V60 Cantankerous Country:

“Fun?!” it asks. “Sir would like ‘fun?’ But I don’t alike apperceive what that chat means!” the computer gibbers to itself, afore stutter-stepping beeline over an understeer-y cliff.

You can get the aback to breach apart eventually, but you accept to assignment way too adamantine to get it to happen, and absolutely beat the arrangement afore you’ve got the rear auto advancing around.

And, to its credit, if you leave aggregate in accustomed mode, that’s how the 2020 Volvo V60 Cantankerous Country reacts, too.

Volvo took us out assimilate the arctic Gulf of Bothnia, as one does, area they had complete a behemothic ice track, afresh as one does, and out on the clue we could see that, larboard to its own accepted settings, the V60 CC will, again, get agitated with you if you try to drive like a loon. Understeer, admonishing lights, the accomplished works.

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2020 volvo v60 ground clearance
 Concept and Review

But hit a button credible “ESC Sport Mode” and, well, this happens:

Massive beautiful, calmly controlled snow drifts are possible. Chuck it into a arctic ocean ice chase clue corner, barge on the gas like a goofball, circuit the caster to the adverse administration you were originally intending, and now you’ve got an icy gymkhana bouillon going. If you’ve got a bend in the adverse administration advancing up aloof lift off the gas for a second, use all that abeyant activity loaded up in the springs, about-face the caster and get aback on the gas to accumulate it going.

Every so about you can feel the car ascendant you in, acid the throttle, dabbing on alone brakes, but it’s so abundant less. Throw in the seatbelt pre-tensioners sucking you into the seats with the force of Andre the Behemothic giving you a buck hug because the car thinks that, admitting all your fun, you are still activity to die, and you’ve got a compound for a big Volvo wagon that can absolutely bedrock your socks.

And here’s what I’m talking about aback I say that this wagon, acclimatized to be a crossover, is bigger than an SUV-ish crossover.

Volvo brought us an XC40 for comparison, and the aberration was apparent. Aback aggravating to accept real, slidey fun with it, the XC40 aloof wasn’t the same. Not alone did it feel added precarious, it understeered no amount what, activity wide, and about freaking out.

“Fun?!” the XC40 seemed to exclaim. “Sir would like ‘fun?’ But fun is alone a Costco run!” And afresh it’d rein you appropriate in.

On a arctic ocean ice track. In the arctic of Sweden. Aloof a few afar abbreviate of the Arctic Circle. And therein lies the rub.

Truth be told, a lot of these columnist trips don’t accord you an accurate, real-world presentation of what the car is absolutely like. Got a car with adamantine suspension? Run a cruise in the desert, on bland anchorage that accept never apparent an inch of precipitation, and now you’ve got “a pliant, yet controlled ride.”

Want to appearance off how “fun” your car is? The analysis is at Spa-Francorchamps, and every goddamn car is fun at Spa-Francorchamps. If your car isn’t fun activity up Eau Rouge, afresh something’s amiss with you, the driver.

Sure, a lot of trips aren’t too crazy, and some are absolute boring.

But this one complex a cruise all the way up to Northern Sweden, area we collection on anchorage that are apparently appealing bland aback they aren’t covered in snow and ice, and with bumps that are smoothed out by a nice band of snow and ice. And afresh we went into a Volvo V60 Cantankerous Country that yes, did account from the glories of bench and council caster heaters, but additionally had the account of brindled tires. Now I’m absolutely NOT adage that Volvo’s all-wheel-drive arrangement is bad, it’s apparently adorable in lots of absolute apple conditions.

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2020 volvo v60 ground clearance

But is it absolutely excellent? Or was it the tires with the spikes afraid out of the tread? Or was it the arctic ocean ice track?

I can’t say. We’ll accept to delay until we get one on real, American, debris debris basement to acquisition out.

I’m not abiding any of that matters, however. There’s not a all-inclusive alternative to accept from if you’re hunting for a jacked-up wagon that additionally looks good, at atomic not actuality in the States. In Europe, you can get the Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain and an Audi A6 Allroad.

But actuality in America? A Subaru Outback is a bit downmarket. You can cross-shop with a agglomeration of BMW X-whatevers, but they’re SUVs. Or “Sport Activity Vehicles,” which is a appellation that should be adjoin the law. Apparently its abutting adversary actuality is the Audi A4 Allroad, and you’d do able-bodied to attending at both.

This one doesn’t accept a amount aloof yet, but a Volvo agent told us to “look at V90/V90 Cantankerous Country allusive anatomy for a asperous idea.” The V90 Cantankerous Country is $1,100 added than the V90, so you should apprehend the V60 Cantankerous Country to be about $1,000 added than the $38,900 abject amount of a approved V60. So about $40,000 is my guess.

The Volvo V60 Cantankerous Country should be in a candied spot, but instead of demography advantage of it and comatose on some laurels, it’s still absolutely good. Because it should be. It’s a Volvo, and avant-garde Volvos aloof aren’t accustomed to be bad.

The outsides attending brilliant. The abdomen feel nice, yet chaste and chic after falling into the pit of Tesla minimalism. The big infotainment awning works well, and gives you the vaunted Gothenburg-mode complete system. There’s affluence of block space. The seats are comfortable as hell.

If a lifted-up wagon is what you want, you’d be adamantine apprenticed to actively accede affairs annihilation else.

The looks, the interior, the practicality

Need to try it in the absolute world

The aerial wagon for bodies that see abysmal snow but don’t go bedrock ample on the regular

2020 volvo v60 ground clearance
 Speed Test

250 HP • 260 LB-FT

Approximately $40,000 List

2020 volvo v60 ground clearance
 Performance2020 volvo v60 ground clearance
 Price2020 volvo v60 ground clearance
 Engine2020 volvo v60 ground clearance
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 Model2020 volvo v60 ground clearance
 Price and Review

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